SEO – How to get your website found in Google

And attract website visitors with purchase intent

A client once said to me that SEO is the gift that keeps giving! When your website performs well organically (non paid) in Google it delivers free traffic to your website day in day out.

In this tutorial I will show you how to get the free traffic to your website.  Not only that, you want to attract people who are most likely to becoming paying customers!  

In this tutorial we will look at

  1. How to structure your website to maximize optimization opportunities. 
  2. How to carry out keyword research
  3. 8 ways to implement on page optimization
  4. How to improve your websites page rank.

I will explain in non technical language the steps you need to follow.  

This training is free for members of my Social Media Academy or you can pay a one off fee of €99 to access it (with playback).